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On this, as on every other occasion, we shall deliver our sentiments, with frankness and sincerity, uninfluenced by popular applause; unwarped by the tide and current of general report.
For a calibration of the flat CCD, the distance of the detector to the sample has to be determined accurately, then the flat field is unwarped and mapped onto a spherical det ector.
Whitehead, for one, insists that if we are to go back to that ultimate pristine experience unwarped by the sophistication of theory, the 'flux of things is one ultimate generalization around which we must weave our philosophical system' (Whitehead 1929: 240).
But she appreciates her background as much as the other gifts her family gave her: the support and grounding to make it through demanding careers relatively unwarped.
Figures 11 and 12 depict the predicted temperature profiles of a 4-mm warped part across the thickness in the unwarped and warped regions, during the external cooling simulations.
So, when you go through the lumber stack selecting boards that are unwarped and that contain no open knots or cracks, don't choose any showing the small, tight circles and brownish tinge of a sapwood core either.
The data were unwarped to correct for inhomogeneities in the data collection of the detector and to allow the pattern collected in three dimensions to be represented in two dimensions.
Now, use a power driver and drive 2 1/2" or 3" drywall screws through the wall into studs to fasten an unwarped length of 1x2" pine to the wall, with the board's upper surface even with the line.
Then screw in countersunk wood screws to secure the unwarped board.