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These same mines also saw a 38 percent reduction in total violations, and a 64 percent decrease in elevated enforcement actions, such as closure orders for imminent dangers or unwarrantable failures to comply with health and safety standards.
As William Blackstone observed, "[A]s a vicious will without a vicious act is no civil crime, so, on the other hand, an unwarrantable act without a vicious will is no crime at all.
Yet, given the constant flow of images bearing the imprint of post-processing digital manipulation, and the inevitable controversies that reveal images as intensively crafted artifacts, uncritical and unwarrantable assumptions about photography's naturalism appear to be fading.
Daubert would exclude expert opinions and conclusions founded on overextended or unwarrantable inferences from the facts in evidence.
To speak descriptively, Heilsgeschichte has the narrative structure of a myth, unverifiable, unfalsifiable, unwarrantable by evidence and argument.
This view was strengthened by considering the principles of the European Commission's autonomy and independence of any (national) governmental unwarrantable interference; however, the literature state of the art reveals a new imagological profile of this supranational institution making manifest the need for a strong cooperation with national governmental institutions and agencies in order to both formulate and implement its projects (Egeberg, 2008: 235257).
The unwarrantable Proceedings of the French in the West Indies, and North America .
I wish they had chosen the way of non-violence in resisting what they rightly regarded as an unwarrantable encroachment upon their country.
Commander of the Faithful Imam School, unwarrantable.
Taken as a whole, the appeal is a medley of assumptions, of contradictions, of truth and falsehood adroitly interwoven, and of gross and unwarrantable conclusions that reminds one more of a patent medicine advertisement than a grave public document.
Here, the breach of trust, albeit unwarrantable and treacherous, underscores the perception of street children as mere ciphers, but also Azure's lack of schooling (his dropping out of school at the age of thirteen comes home to roost).
A jury found the man's actions "cruel and unwarrantable and disproportionate to the offence committed by the slave.