unwarranted conclusion

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My factual knowledge was OK-ish, but it led me to an unwarranted conclusion - partly because I underrated MC's unique and continuing influence on international, as opposed to national, law: to the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights, for example, and of course for those Americans.
It also drove him to the unwarranted conclusion that his side had been hard done by where fate was concerned.
CORRECTION: Big-government advocates, including some who call themselves conservatives, love the unwarranted conclusion that it is impossible to cut spending.
It was an astounding, entirely unwarranted conclusion that caused a mass gnashing of teeth by fish biologists who have spent years documenting the behavioral and genetic differences between hatchery and wild salmon, as well as growing evidence that hatchery fish may actually be contributing to the decline of salmon runs throughout the Northwest.
At issue is the definition and measurement of the independent and dependent variables that have led to an unwarranted conclusion.
CORRECTION: While ABC and other doomsayers were quick to blame global warming, they jumped to an unwarranted conclusion.
However, some surveys may just confuse and mislead the general public altogether, leading to speculations and unwarranted conclusions as to the truth of a matter of public concern," said Apostol.
The historian might note these bridges without leaping to unwarranted conclusions about Luther or Calvin as a vindicator of religious liberty.
The article "Poll: Opposition to missal continues"(NCR, April 25-May 8) draws some unwarranted conclusions.
The fatal blows usually are based on things like unwarranted conclusions, lack of control of variables, inhomogeneous study groups, inadequate control groups, vague analysis of results, unclear conclusions, failure to include major relevant papers in the discussion, particularly those that cast doubt on the current authors' conclusions.
It considers Jefferson's character, genetic evidence that led to unwarranted conclusions, and takes into account Jefferson's racial attitudes.