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Since then, the needle has unwaveringly pointed in his direction as one of the many accused.
And everybody in town makes a habit of eating at Alchemy, where ceiling fans stir the summer air and standards like calamari, fish and chips, and ribs are unwaveringly fresh.
Erin sits in an elite crowd of unwaveringly brilliant festival dressers - think Alexa Chung and Kate Moss - so if anyone can guide us in the right direction for the music season ahead, it's her.
As the hearing began, and the prosecutors and defence lawyers began to make their submissions, the three standing kept their gaze unwaveringly on the judge.
We should unwaveringly combat corruption, strengthen political integrity.
It has become the financial marvel of bankers and financiers; it has met unwaveringly the cash demands made upon it; it has kept the faith with its policyholders.
He gazed at me unwaveringly from behind trendy glasses (the sideless sort Jack Duckworth would have been proud of).
The people of Delta have supported me and my fellow military colleagues unwaveringly in the past," said Timberlake, who was an individual mobilization augmentee assigned to Readiness Management Group Det.
We have a 152-year track record of consistently and unwaveringly "getting the message through.
The minister urged everybody to work together to clearly and unwaveringly abstain from violence and avoid inciting hateful discourse, divisions or segregation on the grounds of gender, ethnic origins, language, faith or religious creed.
On inter-Palestinian reconciliation, the Palestinian leader said he is unwaveringly resolved to go ahead with reconciliation.
She added: "When Sir Brooke Boothby offered me the chance to use Fonmon Castle showground for free, in an attempt to raise funds to help these poor innocent victims, I was thrilled and so grateful to him and his family who have been unwaveringly supportive of the event.