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Mary would later write, "Geography has assumed a new character, by that unwearied search for accurate knowledge and truth that marks the present age, and physical geography is altogether a new science" (Somerville 1853, 488).
I call him a natural man, singularly free from all manner of affectation ; he was among the last of the true men which Scotland on the old system produced or can produce ; a man healthy in body and mind, fearing God, and diligently working on God's earth with contentment, hope, and unwearied resolution.
Or else I should have heard on the other eare, slothfull, and ever to be set light by, the Church hath now overcom her late distresses after the unwearied labours of many her true servants that stood up in her defence; thou also wouldst take upon thee to share amongst them of their joy: but wherefore thou?
The glorious type in nature of the Church's song, the unwearied and never-failing song of generations and ages, is the roar of the sea, whose waves beat in unison on the shore.
In his final apostrophe to Annie, the narrator urges her, "forget not to thank heaven, my Annie, that after wandering a little way into the world, you may return at the first summons, with an untainted and unwearied heart, and be a happy child again" (9:129).
The machine is both the unwearied iron servant and the sacrificial god to whom mankind has offered its soul" (Sussman 7).
By dint of unwearied efforts, and unabated study and practice, Nourrit succeeded in attaining conjointly the highest power of expression in singing and in musical declamation.
Whereas March 14 forces are all tensed and apprehensive, but we shall remain unwearied until they come back to their senses," Kassem added.
Even when the noble warrior went to the battle in a chariot or [on] a horse the advantage was largely that of bringing him fresh and unwearied into the contest.
76) On Mary Lee's 75 th birthday in 1896, at the Adelaide Town Hall, Premier Kingston handed her a purse of 50 sovereigns, publicly donated through the Mary Lee Testimonial Fund, with a "handsomely bound and artistically engrossed" address, which acknowledged that the achievement of women's suffrage "is mainly due to your persistent advocacy and unwearied exertions.
That their endeavors, to discover and establish funds for this purpose, have been unwearied, and will not cease, till they have succeeded, I have not a doubt.
Marlow calls him "one of the most trustworthy men I had ever known," with "a simple unwearied, as it were, and intelligent good nature" (Conrad, Jim 202).