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A man could be "terribly overworked" with little ill effect on his "power for paternity," but any woman who stood all day before "an unwearying machine" could not produce healthy offspring.
The Polish community in France seemed to be an inexhaustible and unwearying source of social and cultural initiatives.
He will have heard that elusive bird the lazy cuckoo's call While he watched away to the west the rolling downland's fall And listened to the blackbird's entertaining song so sweet While rabbits played in sedge-clothed depths beneath his giant feet His silent sentinel watch still unwearying through time on time Draws travellers from afar to his setting so sublime For his mysterious presence is an enigma for all mankind And so many wish an answer for his birth to find This giant, who was important to the Romans in their time Those clever conquering heroes from a warmer distant clime Will have scanned Saxon settlers in their wild advance And seen their pagan rituals played out beneath his glance.
This is, in effect, indiscriminate almsgiving of the kind urged by the church fathers, at odds with the unwearying Tudor discrimination between the deserving and undeserving poor.
This latter concern was so vital to him that he became a powerful and unwearying advocate in creating and building a right relationship between the Church of England and the Church of South India.
The Golden Legend describes 'the whiteness of her purity', 'her unwearying contemplation', 'her diligent labour', for people 'saw in her the sun, the moon, and the stars, namely the keenness of her wisdom'.
Our machines, with breath of fire, with limbs of unwearying steel, with fruitfulness, wonderful, inexhaustible, accomplish by themselves with docility their sacred labour.