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On Monday, the accountability court had excused Nawaz for being unwell during the hearing, the former PM left the hearing after being granted permission from the court.
Police urged anyone who was at the event and who feels unwell after "possibly taking illegal drugs" to seek medical attention.
We know that they are more unwell than they used to be.
If you are unlucky enough to become unwell during the holiday season, you want to feel better again as quickly as possible and your local pharmacist can help.
She felt very unwell last weekend and we took her to the doctor's three times, but each time they didn't seem concerned," said Simon, who first broke the tragic news on Twitter earlier yesterday.
Before I was diagnosed I was very unwell," he said.
Then we held him once again, but he was so unwell that we couldn't hold him again until March.
The man in his late 50s was driving along New Hey Road at Scammonden when he became unwell just before noon yesterday.
A statement from the band said the singer and guitarist had been diagnosed with laryngitis and had been unwell when he took to the stage to perform at Glastonbury Festival on Friday night.
Seven out of 10 employees in private firms have turned up in the office while unwell when they should have taken the day off, said a report by insurance firm Aviva.
A MAN was taken to hospital when he felt unwell after being tasered by police, a court was told.
A WOMAN is being treated in hospital after becoming unwell at a Teesside swimming pool.