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Jane desired me to do it, so I always do: and so I began today with my usual caution; but no sooner did I come to the mention of her being unwell, than I burst out, quite frightened, with `Bless me
Crooks, especially, was so unwell that he could not keep on his horse.
He has been very unwell," she added, turning and affecting to explain to Newman, with a spark of infernal impudence, fine as a needlepoint, in her eye.
Mary, often a little unwell, and always thinking a great deal of her own complaints, and always in the habit of claiming Anne when anything was the matter, was indisposed; and foreseeing that she should not have a day's health all the autumn, entreated, or rather required her, for it was hardly entreaty, to come to Uppercross Cottage, and bear her company as long as she should want her, instead of going to Bath.
He soon retired to bed; and the next morning, feeling exceedingly unwell, he remained in his room pondering.
I made a false step on my way to the door; when I reached it I leant heavily against the jam, and I said with a slur that I felt unwell.
said D'Artagnan, in his turn; "are you unwell, monseigneur?
The little princess was not unwell, but had such an overpowering fear of the prince that, hearing he was in a bad humor, she had decided not to appear.
I hope you received my last in which I spoke of Dear little Lydia being unwell.
I really accepted Lady Anselman's invitation some days ago, but that was before mother was so unwell.
I only hope he is not unwell," said the house-dog; when, pop
In a minute or two, some one asked me if I felt unwell.