unwilling to give

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He distrusts his own judgment in such matters so much, that he is always unwilling to give his opinion on any picture; but he has an innate propriety and simplicity of taste, which in general direct him perfectly right."
"Without doubt," continued D'Artagnan, unwilling to give his friend time to recollect himself, "I have been to see you at Pierrefonds."
But her account of every thing leaves so much to be guessed, she is so very reserved, so very unwilling to give the least information about any body, that I really think you may say what you like of your acquaintance with her."
Ali Cogia was much troubled by this dream, as he was unwilling to give up his shop, and lose all his customers.
"Not in the mountains, at all events," returned the unknown, unwilling to give in.
Meanwhile the knight has taken his departure; he fights in the war, conquers the king's enemy, wins many cities, triumphs in many battles, returns to the court, sees his lady where he was wont to see her, and it is agreed that he shall demand her in marriage of her parents as the reward of his services; the king is unwilling to give her, as he knows not who he is, but nevertheless, whether carried off or in whatever other way it may be, the princess comes to be his bride, and her father comes to regard it as very good fortune; for it so happens that this knight is proved to be the son of a valiant king of some kingdom, I know not what, for I fancy it is not likely to be on the map.
When, too, he demanded the five silver dollars for Jimmy, the captain was unwilling to give them.
But the lumpy gentleman, unwilling to give it up, again madly said, 'ESKER,' and again spake no more.
Drogba finished the Champions League final a hero but Chelsea have been unwilling to give him a two-year deal and are set to lose him for free.
If they are unwilling to give an itemised quote for a large job or provide a quote over the phone, avoid them.
I almost said efficient, a word used like a broadsword by those unwilling to give Houllier credit for being anything other than an outstanding organiser of defensive webs.
'The whole purpose of the legislation was to ban these people from football matches, but some magistrates are unwilling to give a three-year ban.'