unwilling to pay

See: penurious
References in classic literature ?
But now the people of England became very unwilling to pay so much money to the Pope, especially as at this time he was a Frenchman ruling, not from Rome, but from Avignon.
And at the same time their fondness for money makes them unwilling to pay taxes.
And six dollars and sixty-five cents was hardly too much for a man to keep a family on, considering the fact that the price of dressed meat had increased nearly fifty per cent in the last five years, while the price of "beef on the hoof" had decreased as much, it would have seemed that the packers ought to be able to pay it; but the packers were unwilling to pay it--they rejected the union demand, and to show what their purpose was, a week or two after the agreement expired they put down the wages of about a thousand men to sixteen and a half cents, and it was said that old man Jones had vowed he would put them to fifteen before he got through.
The bench also ordered school managements not to charge extra or late fee from families of those students who were unwilling to pay the exorbitant fee.
City are unwilling to pay more PS20m for Sanchez, 29, as free agent in six months.
The government will not spare non-filers and is committed to receiving tax from the people who are unwilling to pay.
Negotiations looked to have stalled last week when it appeared Sainsbury's were unwilling to pay more than 150p a share for Home Retail Group.
Last month, I was charged with annual fees and due to this I called up the bank and informed them that I wish to close the card since I am unwilling to pay the annual fees.
Now the tehsil municipal administration was unwilling to pay salaries while the district council had yet to receive the funds.
Liverpool have been chasing Benteke all summer but had previously been unwilling to pay the asking price.
Liverpool want to sign Benteke but are unwilling to pay the PS32.
Americans were unwilling to pay more to see the film online.