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Why else should he have shewn such unwillingness to accept your invitation here?
Could there be any unwillingness on the general's side to show her over the abbey?
So far as I could make out, he painted with great difficulty, and in his unwillingness to accept help from anyone lost much time in finding out for himself the solution of technical problems which preceding generations had already worked out one by one.
Sadly, incompetence and inefficiency across our public sector are par for the course because there is an unwillingness, at both national and local levels, to get rid of incompetent staff.
perceived performance risk, financial risk, time-loss risk, psychological risk and source risk) on consumers' unwillingness to buy home appliances online.
But now, critics say the state's unwillingness to issue air pollution permits ended up hurting, not helping, companies in Texas.
IPCC commissioner Jennifer Izekor said: "There is an unwillingness or inability to deal with these complaints robustly and effectively.
Summary: Patna: A day after expressing his unwillingness to be IPL chairman again, Union minister Rajiv .
Meanwhile the European Union on Monday welcomed unprecedented Arab League sanctions imposed on Syria, casting them as a response to the "brutality and unwillingness to change course" of the Damascus government.
1 : to make known usually with some unwillingness <Still, it was galling, this having to admit she was afraid.
The unwillingness of children to flee the financial comfort blanket of the parental nest once they reach adulthood is well documented.
His unwillingness to discuss issues regarding the Israeli-Palestinian problem highlights a schoolboy approach to diplomacy.