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Their offerings include retrofits or rebuilding of existing unwind equipment, new unwind equipment, elastic thread path optimization including a full line of specialty thread guide rollers, and total process consulting.
That may have been effective enough for the last century, but we've come a long way to reach the high-performance, high-productivity, low-waste levels of unwind and rewind technology required in the 21st century.
Interested parties can enter by registering or logging into Barclaycard Unwind at www.
Over the coming weeks, KOMA Unwind will be introduced and sampled on the Chicago to Cancun routes, the beverage provider said.
From this plot we determine that in packages with alternating layers we can unwind even at very high winding angles.
The length of the yam which unwinds during a single period is therefore equal to L=AB=2[pi]c/cos[phi].
The aim at Flight was to unwind polyethylene film and laminate it to rigid PET as the material was extruded through the nip of a Welex extruder.
The most disturbing book has been Neil Schusterman's Unwind (Simon & Schuster, 2007).
According to a recent survey the most popular way to unwind is watching TV with 67% of Middlesbrough residents opting to relax with their favourite programmes.
COCAINE users are turning to heroin to unwind from their weekend buzz.
Listening to soothing music, lighting candles, and taking a few deep calming breaths can help you unwind.
I unwind doing outdoor activities, such as snowmobiling or skiing in the winter, and golfing and boating in the summer.