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Variable tension is applied to the material to maintain constant flow on the winding and unwinding sides, helping to eliminate imperfections such as wrinkles or deformation.
The Bank of England's Jan Vlieghe has presented the argument that the unwinding of quantitative easing need not impact yield curves.
By contrast, during 2017, the net inflows were due to residents' higher unwinding of portfolio investments abroad than foreigners' unwinding of portfolio investment in Qatar," it said.
Oscillations in the yarn during the yarn unwinding from stationary packages have a direct influence on the quality of the fabric.
In downstream processing, the unwinding behaviour of the package and the take-up speed facilitate the process to be more efficient and geared to benefit.
Tensions come to a head as Lev works on persuading the Arapache council to allow kids who are trying to escape unwinding to live as refugees on Chancefolk land, and Cam continues his search to expose Proactive Citizenry--the despicable company responsible for unwinding--in hopes to bring it down in the process.
Mondon Converting & Winding solutions offers turnkey process from unwinding to palletizing solutions in nonwovens market.
Winter Park, FL, March 22, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Swap Negotiators, an advocate for commercial borrowers, recently represented a large urology group in San Antonio, Texas unwinding an interest rate swap transaction and saving the group more than $70,000 in undisclosed bank fees.
This 'unwinding' is, not surprisingly, highly controversial, and is enforced by the National Juvenile Authority--a legal organization akin to the SS.
He said: "You may feel that unwinding with some alcohol can help aid a good night's rest, but it can actually disrupt your sleep leaving you feeling even more tired.
Unwinding financial sector interventions; preconditions and practical considerations.
Oscillations in the yarn tension during the yarn unwinding from stationary packages have a direct influence on the quality of the fabric.