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It would be very, very unwise for a new attorney general, acting presumably on orders of the president, to start out an administration on this note," Richard Ben-Veniste, a prominent Democratic lawyer in Washington, D.
The declared shift in foreign policy casting aside a longtime reliable ally to hastily embrace an aggressive neighbor that vehemently rejects international law is both unwise and incomprehensible,' Del Rosario said.
So, to me, that was unwise to try to get on to that bandwagon.
Commenting on the stunt he added: "It was possibly a little unwise, ill-advised.
Commenting on the stunt May, 53, said: "It was possibly a little unwise, ill-advised.
At Scottish Questions in the Commons, she said: "To have smaller jurisdictions making decisions that are so sensitive on healthcare is deeply unwise and would undermine the interests of women - both in Scotland and England.
He said, 'For the most part, unwise behaviour of bankers in the run-up to the Irish crisis appears to have been unwise rather than criminal.
Pistorius' family said that he is grappling with an extreme level of emotional pain that is manifesting itself in some of his recent unwise actions and choices.
And you can add to that the questions that are being asked about some of the dealings and deeds of the atcher government - like the use of the police as a quasi-military force during the miners' strike, the Hillsborough 'David Cameron unwise to his heels calls for a public inquiry.
Following a believable course through guilt and depression, Sam often makes unwise attempts to feel better, such as losing her virginity to a boy she does not really like.
He said: "The tribunal was very critical of the standards committee, not least Mr Harding for making unwise decisions and putting the council's reputation for fairness and being unbiased at risk.
NNA - 7/2/2012 - Member of Parliament Ziad Aswad told Voice of Lebanon "Voice of Freedom and Dignity" that is unwise to dismantle the government which is headed by Prime Minister Najib Mikati.