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2] The most commonly ingested foreign body is a coin, [1,2,13,14] and if the ingestion went unwitnessed the battery may be mistaken for a coin on a plain radiograph.
By common epidemiologic definitions, a sudden cardiac death is a sudden, unexpected death occurring within an hour of symptom onset for witnessed events or within 24 hours of being observed symptom-free for unwitnessed events.
Witnessed and unwitnessed esophageal foreign bodies in children.
Falls have been reported to occur during times of position change and ambulation, and are often unwitnessed (Deandrea et al.
When considering the possibility of an unwitnessed seizure in a child who presents with altered mental status, neuroimaging certainly is an important component of the workup.
The price of oil continued on an upward trend Wednesday, reaching records unwitnessed within the last five weeks.
The tumble was unwitnessed, the coroner said, who made no mention of the stroke she suffered.
Waldron in the Journal of Safety Research, more than 70 percent of patient falls are unwitnessed, which renders understanding of the role of the physical design largely Impossible.
The authors recruited all patients either with shockable or non-shockable rhythms except unwitnessed patients with an initial rhythm of asystole.
I wanted to create something new, something unseen and unwitnessed.
SUDEP is defined as sudden, unexpected, nontraumatic, nondrowning death in an individual with epilepsy, witnessed or unwitnessed, in which postmortem examination does not reveal an anatomic or toxicologic cause for the death.
Summary: The subjugation of women -- often unwitnessed, overlooked or otherwise ignored -- is today's greatest challenge facing equality among the genders in the Middle East, says Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch (HRW).