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Unwitting Zionists examines the Jewish community in the northern Kurdistan town of Zakho from the end of the Ottoman period until the disappearance of the community through aliyah by 1951.
Obviously, I can't tell you the whole story here--I want to sell the book, after all--but I now believe that Bob Harrison, the scary "Sultan of Sleaze," was actually a powerful if unwitting pioneer in the struggle for gay acceptance.
Ah, the unwitting product promoters and their e-mails to the Bureau of Indications.
One is that being pressured to publish material is as constraining as being pressured not to publish it; you don't want to give a mob even unwitting control of your editorial decisions.
The message of this remarkably candid and insightful book is that we are never alone and that we are completely loved--despite our manifold failings, unwitting mistakes, critical errors of judgement, and simple burnouts.
The joke is a secret handshake, #23 in your comedy himnals, and the film is an unwitty, unwitting passport through comic portals into a puerile world.
Best Quote: "A lot of people are the unwitting architects of their own discomfort.
Morrisson plays the weary and unwitting straight man for a gaggle of local crazies, misfits, and visiting evangelists.
MERSEYSIDE computer users have become unwitting victims of a costly scam.
Like Stephen King, Metz creates a place where "normal" gives way to horror as evil bubbles up to feed on unwitting victims.
Convicted and hanged in 1865 for conspiring to bring about his death, it remains a matter of debate whether she was a criminal mastermind or an unwitting dupe who did a few favors for her friend John Wilkes Booth.