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Dyfed Powys Police Chief Constable Ian Arundale was driving an unmarked car when the unwitting motorist raced by.
Such vehicles are then often sold on illegally to unwitting buyers.
Failure to comply could lead to fans being seriously overcharged for tickets which are simply not valid and unnecessary disappointment as unwitting fans are turned away.
It's a real movie, as opposed to a set up involving an unwitting Ashley,ahidden video camera and a wannabe model who plans to sell the footage for 15 minutes of fame?
A GP accused of having an affair with his receptionist while treating her unwitting husband for depression yesterday spoke of his regret.
But many unwitting bathers will he sharing the water with Ihe gallons at raw sewage generated by-busy coastal towns.
Hughes stored the drugs in his unwitting grandmother's outhouse while he operated as a dealer.
The only challenge is to make it "fun" or otherwise compelling for the unwitting person.
Obviously, I can't tell you the whole story here--I want to sell the book, after all--but I now believe that Bob Harrison, the scary "Sultan of Sleaze," was actually a powerful if unwitting pioneer in the struggle for gay acceptance.
Wilder said parents often don't understand the unwitting role they play in their kids' under-the-radar use of over-the-counter drugs.
Ah, the unwitting product promoters and their e-mails to the Bureau of Indications.
One is that being pressured to publish material is as constraining as being pressured not to publish it; you don't want to give a mob even unwitting control of your editorial decisions.