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An unworkable alliance with maverick leadership whose longevity is a suspect can never achieve this," Jaitley said.
Proposals directly-council in my unworkable probably Coun Nick "The Labour Party is in danger of spending huge amounts of money on meaningless internal elections rather than campaigning and winning seats.
He pointed out that the opponents of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which was created in 1982, also said it was unworkable.
"It would be unworkable to have a BBC board without people from Wales and the other nations.
FSI started circulating a fact sheet to lawmakers last week to help explain how the DOL's fiduciary redraft is "unworkable." FSI, noting that it has supported a uniform fiduciary standard, uses each letter in "unworkable" to explain the current redraft's faults.
The students complained that online system of the board has become unworkable and particularly website has become a source of perpetual nuisance as it stops functioning after every two hours.
"With high under-employment - currently over 1 million part-time workers in the UK want to work more hours - sanctioning clients who cannot increase their hours seems to be both unworkable and unfair," it said.
French offer by Dassault company was unworkable and uncompetitive.
New York State's plan to implement a 35-year-old law on cleaning product ingredient disclosure is unnecessary, unworkable and would further strain scarce taxpayer resources, according to the American Cleaning Institute.
By contrast, he said that Conservative plans for an annual cap on non-EU migrants would be arbitrary, unworkable and bad for business.
The report added: "Working with Ukrainian Veterinary Service and other stakeholders in many meetings, the consensus was that the measure was unworkable. Neither implementation nor justification were clear."
As the fountain was not doing what fountains do best at the time of my visit, let's hope that the latest addition to 'the square' has not shed its needles and rendered the fountain unworkable due to the council purchasing, from Trotters Tree Co, a tree with the wrong kind of needles.