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Every now and then in Hospital or Camp, there are beings I meet--specimens of unworldliness, disinterestedness and animal purity and heroism ...
(53) Whether, like Thelwall, we see the archangel Coleridge as fallen, or merely (with Charles Lamb) "a little damaged," (54) the essential unworldliness of the characterization was universally acknowledged--and it was a characterization that was encouraged by Coleridge himself.
Some of his friends saw in this allergy to money the absentminded unworldliness of the artist.
His homophobia, in other words, is never quite one thing: if at times it seems just more assaultive straight-male doltishness, at others it emerges as part of a micro-tuned language traded among young men looking precisely to traduce the adult proprieties (liberal tolerance, inoffensiveness) that surround them, while at others still, unreconstructed homophobia figures as a vestige of an immigrant unworldliness the younger generation has outgrown.
Next noticed are the trust and friendliness of a more innocent time, the doors and cars left unlocked, the unworldliness, the corniness, the much more pronounced regional identities.
He is petty, selfish, vain, egotistical; he is spoilt; he is a tyrant; he wears Mrs Ramsay to death; but he has what you (she addressed Mr Bankes) have not; a fiery unworldliness; he knows nothing about trifles; he loves dogs and his children.
Close-ups of people's faces remind me of Gerry Anderson's puppets in Thunderbirds or Fireball XL5 and a strange unworldliness pervades the screen generally.
The practical West, Temple thought, needs the East's philosophy and mysticism, while the East needs the ethical concern of the West to save it from metaphysical unworldliness and brooding stagnation.
Goodness is understood in an absolute Christian sense of unworldliness and unconditionality.
circumstance, a sign of a certain unworldliness, which may or may not
This pagan unworldliness carried to its ultimate mystical point is what makes the work of Lewis so intense and his evaluation so fearless.
Because their mother shares Marianne's romantic unworldliness, Elinor is forced to take on the role of parent to her younger sister, attempting to protect Marianne from the consequences of her openness and disregard of propriety.