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They were the same whom Apollyon and ourselves had persecuted with taunts, and gibes, and scalding steam, at the commencement of our journey--the same whose unworldly aspect and impressive words had stirred my conscience amid the wild revellers of Vanity Fair.
"I don't want them to think that we dress like savages," she replied, with a scorn that Pocahontas might have resented; and he was struck again by the religious reverence of even the most unworldly American women for the social advantages of dress.
The approaching marriage of this woman of the world with such an unworldly man as Mr.
October though it was, the garden was still very sweet with dear, old-fashioned, unworldly flowers and shrubs -- sweet may, southern-wood, lemon verbena, alyssum, petunias, marigolds and chrysanthemums.
He was so unworldly and so little of a courtier that when the new Emperor Su Tsung returned in triumph to the capital and appointed him Imperial Censor, he fulfilled his new duties by telling his majesty the whole unpalatable truth in a manner strangely free from ornamental apology, and was promptly rewarded with the exile of a provincial governorship.
Sometimes, as Grandfather gazed at their fair, unworldly countenances, a mist of tears bedimmed his spectacles.
The anxious mother had to console herself with the fact that her daughter drove away the ineligible as ruthlessly as the eligible, formed no unworldly attachments, was still very young, and would grow less coy as she advanced in years and in what Mrs.
It's a beautiful calming space that feels almost unworldly and zen-like - carrying the calm of Maggie's from indoors to the outside world."
They can down the mightiest, pull off miracles in run chases, defend unworldly totals.
"I'm convinced that visitors to Artual Gallery will be equally keen to discover more about both the unusual processes this exciting artist adopts and the subjects he creates who are unworldly, yet somehow familiar and endearing at the same time." The artist himself said he was thrilled with the reaction of the audience to his work on the opening night of the show.
He says that Paulsen, the first to unearth the principles of modern, positional chess, possessed a peculiar character that can be summarized as unworldly. From 1857 to 1862, he played chess in the US and England, where the game was much developed, and gained a lot of attention from the press, as a result of which, his life can be documented with detail.
But a woman so young, so inexperienced, so unworldly is not prepared to decide if she should be, for now and evermore, the Queen of England."