unworthy of belief

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While it is true that the global climate system is immense, complex, non-linear, and incompletely understood, that does not mean that there is any reasonable doubt about the morally relevant scientific conclusions or that the science is unworthy of belief and action.
Yet neither these nor my natural skills have been able to discard Mary of the Pillar as something unworthy of belief and devotion.
Script Evaluation: Fantastical; farfetched; unworthy of belief.
Far better, The Sunday Times reasoned, to try and prove that McPhilemy's main source - James Sands - was unworthy of belief based on his erratic RUC-induced statements after the broadcast.
Five judges have listened to and looked at the tapes and determined they were so coercive and overbearing that they were unworthy of belief to the point that they would mislead the jury if received into evidence.