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Legal & General Group Plc (Legal & General) today announced it has unwound 4 collateralised debt obligations (CDOs), held within Legal & General Retirement, totalling over 1 billion.
I visited printing facilities in the mid-90s, where rolls unwound on shafts with wooden chocks, and where constant tension was supplied by a leather belt with a weight at one end draped over the unwinding roll," says Thomson.
When Nelson finally captures Connor and takes him to be unwound by his black-market contact, Risa is devastated and desperate.
We will show later on that we can make many important conclusions if we determine how [OMEGA] changes with time as the yarn is being unwound.
The yarn in the layer which is being unwound has a winding angle [phi] (Figures 2 and 3).
Rolls are unwound from a removable air shaft supported at both ends by safety locking chucks.
To ensure that the film was unwound without creases and at the required tension, a Tecnomec spreader roller, spirally grooved path rollers and a Nexen closed loop tension control system were used.
1 : to uncoil a strand of <I unwound yarn from a ball.
Neither is willing to accept this fate, and they escape, encountering Lev, who is a tithe--a 10th child born to be unwound.