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Supermarket shoppers were asked to unwrap their shopping of any unnecessary plastic and place it into trollies.
Books to unwrap include: 101 Dalmatians, Beauty & the Beast, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Mulan, Aladdin, Moana, Bambi and Dumbo.
In fact, the other algorithms cannot successfully unwrap the phase data in this study because there all exist discontinuities in the maps of Figure 5.
Dubai: Shoppers and visitors to Dubai are in for a series of extraordinary experiences during the 21st edition of Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), the festival's organisers announced on Saturday, launching its international marketing campaign a tagline, 'Unwrap The Exceptional.'
It was that insight that led priceline.com to launch a new holiday promotion called Express Deals Unwrapped, which "unwraps" the names of deeply discounted Express Deal hotels on the priceline.com app.
The thick adhesive is designed to provide the highest bond strength so the marker will not come apart or unwrap in the harshest conditions.
Here r denotes a selected point in the image; u and w represent the unwrapped & wrapped phase, respectively; n is an integer required to unwrap the phase.
Given no residues, we unwrap [E.sub.i,j] by a floodfill algorithm [37, 38] with a centre start point and no branch cuts.
"So if you unwrap that, what does Bethlehem today look like?
25 -- It's that time of the year, with just over a month after the several European leagues began their respective campaigns, when it's time to unwrap and unveil the latest FIFA game from Electronic Arts.
[check] Unwrap your dog's leg just before she finishes the baby food, then put everything away.
Unwrap cheese ball and roll it in nuts until coated.