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The heady mix of chocolate and cash has also prompted youngsters to bulkbuy large packs of Creme Eggs before posting videos of each one being unwrapped on YouTube.
The Unwrapped episodes will air throughout the week before the show, which is on RTE One on December 2.
Now, new technology has allowed the animal skin scroll, estimated to be from the third or fourth century, to be virtually unwrapped and the text to be read.
What better way to say thank you this end of term than with an Oxfam Unwrapped gift.
The Un-carrier has been in the holiday spirit this month, unwrapping holiday gifts every week as part of Un-carrier Unwrapped.
Take a new, unwrapped, gift for a child under 16 to any Middlesbrough Salvation Army hall.
Express Deals Unwrapped will come in handy for the more than half of Americans who would rather stay at a hotel than with friends or family this holiday season.
Unwrapped butter then leaves the machine on another conveyor belt that is connected to the required downstream processes.
In a similar experiment, the students ate 5 unwrapped candies that they could grab with their fingers, but only 3 1/2 candies wrapped in transparent foil or unwrapped candies that they had to pick up using tongs.
Town Officer Regulation, Superintendent and Inspectors conducted raids at Dhoke Ratta, Babu Lal Hussain Road, Cricket Stadium, Cha Sultan and other areas and the unwrapped tyres were confiscated.
The tournament features a $75 buy-in and each participant who brings in an unwrapped toy will receive an additional 500 chips on top of the 5,000 starting chips.