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LAW, UNWRITTEN, or lex non scripta. All the laws which do not come under the definition of written law; it is composed, principally, of the law of nature, the law of nations, the common law, and customs.

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As a half-brother to a couple of Group-race performers on the continent, it is no surprise Unwritten appears to have a bit of ability with only his inexperience seemingly hampering him when fourth on his debut at Hamilton in August.
Unwritten Creative is also providing Nemo Swimming with a state-ofthe-art website.
Unwritten Rule #1 is that the target has to laugh along with the joker.
Special arrangements between the executive and congress - allowing lawmakers to propose projects based on unwritten 'allotments' even at the stage of crafting the national expenditure program by the executive- still reeks of pork,' Reyes said.
Sobecki, Sebastian, Unwritten Verities: The Making of England's Vernacular Legal Culture, 1463-1549, Notre Dame, University of Notre Dame Press, 2015; paperback; pp.
He identifies four pillars that reinforced the unwritten fiscal constitution: clear accounting, "pay-as-you-go" budget planning, the establishment of trust funds financed entirely with dedicated revenues, and explicit congressional approval of debt for specific amounts and purposes.
Since Plato states that his doctrines are not fully expressed in his writings, one must synthesize the dialogues with the extant reports of the Academy's teachings (Plato's unwritten doctrines) in order to accurately reconstruct Plato's positions.
Kasargod (Kerala), Apr 8 ( ANI ): Asserting that the bad condition of Kerala is due to an unwritten understanding between the Congress-led UDF and CPI-led LDF in the state, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Tuesday said the land of tourism has turned into a 'nursery of terrorism'.
America's Unwritten Constitution: The Precedents and Principles We Live By, by Akhil Reed Amar, Basic Books, 640 pages, $29.
legislature) and at least a portion of its unwritten law (such as rules
America's unwritten constitution; the precedents and principles we live by.
America's Unwritten Constitution covers the basic principles, common practices and more that make up our unwritten Constitution, showing how written and unwritten Constitutions fit together and offering a focus on the little-covered 'unwritten' concept.