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Unyielding Destiny is a page-turning mafia thriller in which two men from opposing worlds fight for their own kind of justice.
I have not seen the actual publication, but I doubt there would be any article asking the obvious questions like where did the unyielding struggle (makrochronios agonas in Greek) get us, what has it achieved and for how many years was it supposed to run before being declared a colossal failure?
State Department Deputy Spokesperson Robert Palladino said in a statement that during the Security Council meeting, Pompeo will "underscore the Administration's unyielding resolve to address the Iranian regime's threats to international peace and security through their continued development and proliferation of ballistic missiles in defiance of United Nations Security Council Resolutions." (end) si.tg
Of course, UP with the exit of at least five veterans, could find assembling another solid unyielding team a very tough task.
"Mr Jabbar clearly demonstrated throughout his career a genuine and unyielding dedication to both his patients and colleagues, and he will be sorely missed by both."
FRIDAY BELFAST UNYIELDING LOVE In the first of four events in the Smorgasbord series (which Voodoo describe as 'sick bands and DJs across four nights'), the venue in the heart of the city welcome Unyielding Love, Nomadic Rituals, No Great Loss, On Parole and guest DJs.
As we have reported, victims feel that the justice system is hard to engage with, is unyielding to their needs and that it grinds so exceedingly slowly.
"Jurayev will be remembered at home and abroad for his keen intelligence, tremendous courage under difficult circumstances, selfless dedication to democratic ideals, and his unyielding faith in a strong, prosperous, and just Uzbekistan," the statement says.
'It looks like another ploy to frustrate the resilient and unyielding people of Kashmir,' they added, reported.
"While the Ministry expresses its heartfelt condolences to the Pakistani government and families of the victims and wishes speedy recovery to the injured, it reiterates its unyielding stance in renouncing all forms of violence, extremism and terrorism that necessitate joint efforts to be rooted out and dry out its sources of funding," the statement said.
Chock full of death, magic, rage, and power, The Nine of Diamonds jumps off the page like an uncontrollable howl against the unyielding tides of history.
It is constructed in a sub-frame that requires only a flat, unyielding surface for installation on existing concrete or asphalt, saving time and cost.