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37) This is the outcome of the trend toward the "law-as-business" model, in which lawyers in law firms are under tremendous pressure to bill unreachable hours, to generate business and to compete unyieldingly.
The effects of the reforms we're making will be felt around 2015-17," declared unyieldingly the Bulgarian Minister of Finance on Sunday.
We will remain unyieldingly committed to fight for a society free of injustices and a better society for all people.
Bilcare Protect uses an extraordinarily precise differential grating methodology whose end result achieves a very simple concept: a product that is visually appealing and unyieldingly effective," said John Zripko, senior vice president of Pharmaceutical Business for Bilcare Research, Inc.
Billy's willingness, more so his need, to let his daughter go rather than engage in a doomed mission to recover the irrecoverable, contradicts notions of the good father who unyieldingly searches for his lost child and speaks to how damaged Billy is, suggesting that post-Vietnam, being a soldier has become a liability for the American family man.
While most Bosniaks see the Turkish presence as guaranteeing their interests in a future unified state, Bosnian Serbs see it as an obstacle to the preservation of the Dayton-Paris system, which they so unyieldingly defend.
Although I am still unyieldingly clinging to the survival of paper storage, I must at the same time go along with your apposite remarks about bad handling.
But the author of Soledad Brother is more polemical and unyieldingly angry than that of Soul On Ice.
They also recall Rubens's famous drawings of his son Frans; "male-gaze" Rubens--florid, libidinous, and unyieldingly straight--is, in many respects, Currin's distant progenitor.
How likely is it that she would be so unyieldingly critical of him?
This unyieldingly perky 31-year-old entrepreneur, standing in the small forest of steel poles that shoot up from the floor of her mirrored dance and fitness studio, has taught dance-phobic authorities an expensive lesson in federal court.