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If the picture described in this article were understood by just a small fraction of the nation's opinion molders, the politicians would be scrambling to unyoke America from these schemes.
The gallery boys in their enthusiasm would unyoke the horses from the carriage of the great prima donna and pull her themselves through the streets.
Ahmed seemed anxious to unyoke the RFT from its cross-town daily rival, and despite his reputation as a vicious Cole Campbell critic, he passed up (mostly) the opportunity during our interview to attack the daily.
(1) At the time Rogers did not perhaps imagine that technological development and experimentation with new materials could have allowed such creative freedom to completely unyoke form from function, recalibrating the philosophy of architectural design to its smallest part, or rather to the spoon as a unit of measure, so that today cities look like great tables overflowing with furnishings each unique in its own way; what is worse, though, is that one has trouble grasping what the function or necessity of any given piece might be.