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Lower Weight: With fewer batteries needed to deliver the same amount of power, UPS systems using K-UPS battery racks can be up to 5 times lighter than lead-acid UPS systems with similar power, reducing shipping costs.
Depending on the results, the shipper can file a claim for the repair or replacement cost of the package contents up to the declared value."
Home deliveries spike in the weeks leading up to Christmas and UPS My Choice helps customers avoid missed deliveries by getting advance text or email messages from UPS that alert them the day before a package is scheduled to arrive.
To put it in perspective, unplanned downtime can cost up to six months on a single drug discovery experiment.
The full startup process after a loss in power can take up to 45 minutes.
Customers can now easily expand their power protection system by connecting up to four Smart-UPS VT units in a parallel configuration in any combination of capacity and redundancy.