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I steeled myself for an upbraiding of supreme vehemence.
Gerrard's self-confessed bad display in that game was the start of the personal slump that saw Gerard Houllier take the unprecedented step of publicly upbraiding his lifestyle.
While the others are running wild, Groucho is busy upbraiding the captain for the poor accommodations.
Throughout his 70-odd-year career, the great British actor reeled in audiences with his silky tones and superb diction, whether he was performing Shakespeare on the stage of London's Old Vic or hilariously upbraiding Dudley Moore in the hit comedy film Arthur (for which Gielgud's witheringly witty performance netted him a 1981 Best Supporting Actor Academy Award).
Highly unfortunate when you're upbraiding others for their editorial slovenliness, don't you think?
The subtitle of Wallace's book sets out his stall: here is Michelangelo opening up quarries, hiring workers, organising building sites, upbraiding sculptors whose work was slapdash.
Senator Kent Conrad says that there were "intense discussions," but "I didn't see a single senator trying to persuade another senator--even senators who took a different view, I didn't see anyone questioning them or upbraiding them.
Sadly, but not with upbraiding, The generous deed was done; In the storm of the years that are fading, No braver battle was won;-- Under the sod and the dew, Waiting the judgment day;-- Under the blossoms, the Blue; Under the garlands, the Gray.
The art has evolved from a variety show novelty, as incarnated in the endless parade of Frank Spencers that plagued '70s TV, to discharging a pretty serious political duty by satirising and upbraiding the power-hungry and misguided.