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"I've seen the sending-off again from a better angle and from Brad's viewpoint I don't think he's gone out and made a deliberate attempt to upend him," said O'Neill.
In doing so, the court upended a statutory scheme that had prompted DaimlerChrysler to expand its plant and equipment in Ohio in order to qualify for tax incentives from the state of Ohio and the city of Toledo.
You have decided to act contrary to years of practice and precedent, and in a manner that threatens to upend long-standing norms of comity between the Department of State and its oversight committees in Congress, added the senators, who had placed an informal hold on the proposed transfer when it was first notified to Congress last month.
A giant panda that upends itself into a handstand may be sending a message that it's one big bamboo-thrasher and not to be messed with.
Senior Ashley Auclair chipped in all of her 10 points in the first half as Clark upended Smith (2-19, 1-9).
These 10,000-year-old leaves, dredged from a Dutch bog, are threatening to upend ideas about how much of this greenhouse gas filled the atmosphere before the industrial revolution, reports a team of botanical investigators.
The Imps were denied aa penalty with 15 minutes left when Dean Smith seemed to upend Lawrie Dudfield, but referee Paul Alcock waved play on.
Racing prodigy Zach David upended Asian junior champion Bianca Bustamante and top Japanese entries in the rain-drenched second leg of the 2019 Petron Blaze 100 ROK GP Super Karting Series at Clark International Speedway kart track recently.
Mesa upended top seed Gaby Zoleta, 6-3, 6-4, to snare the 16-U diadem in the event held in honor of healing priest Fr.
Chief executive Robin Li was giving a speech when a man climbed on stage, grabbed him and upended a bottle of water over him.The incident happened at the Baidu Create 2019 conference in Beijing.
Tunisia went ahead against the run of play in the 34th minute of the Group E match when Msakni fired his spot kick into the roof of the net after Naim Sliti was upended by Salomao Paizo.
The MDD-1000-SS/CS Mobile Drum Dumper upends metal drums and plastic bins of confectionary material into mixers.