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Algonquin 49, Lunenburg 32: Senior guard Casey Dixon had 15 points and junior forward Sarah Dahlstrom 11 as the Tomahawks (2-0) upended the visiting Blue Knights (2-1).
Should the result in this case be affirmed, the existing boundaries within which States have worked for years to promote economic growth through tax incentives will be blurred and the settled expectations of the States and taxpayers upended.
Then the party resumed, until the girl jarringly upended the punch table.
Six minutes later Christie saved Shalliker's penalty after Steven Park had upended Shawn Scott.
Chester, who played virtually all of their squad at some point, took the lead after 10 minutes when striker Dave Cameron scored from the penalty spot after Ryan Sugden had been upended in the area.
Recently, research upended a long held notion that diets high in fiber helped to prevent cancer of the colon.
The PC upended the business architecture," said Grove.
Torricelli filled a 6-foot length of glass tubing with mercury, stoppered the open end, upended it in a dish of mercury, unstoppered it, and found the mercury pouring out of the tube, but not altogether: 30 inches of mercury remained in the tube, as expected.
Apartment hunters faced with dismally banal upended shoe boxes, with low ceilings and dining alcoves, often assume that the good apartments went the way of peeled grapes and top hats.
A white, hollow snail-shell, Upended, rocks in the breeze Caused by a fierce sparrow Burrowing in a dust-bath.
The 200th anniversary of Haiti's independence struggle was marked with an ominous reminder of its past in September when the island nation's first democratically elected government was upended by a coup just seven months after it came into power.