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Despite their pudgy profiles, pandas upend themselves quite well, backing up to a vertical surface and walking their rear legs upwards (SN: 1/27/01, p.
When a patch of dense fog rolls over the desert, the beetle, a species of the genus Stenocara, upends its body into a handstand.
So UCLA wins that battle of unbeatens, Oklahoma upends Nebraska, and Miami, thankfully, tramples Virginia Tech.
The work upends the views of some archaeologists who had held that the Chaco Canyon residents first cut down all of the local trees and then ranged farther afield as construction on the great houses proceeded.
Anyone who thought this past Saturday was as good as it gets for fans of college football, consider this scenario: The Buckeyes beat Texas A&M in the Sugar Bowl, the Bruins bounce back against Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl, Kansas State kicks butt and, in a fitting finale, Florida State upends Tennessee.