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Wandera attributes some of this disparity to Spotlight re-indexing on iOS 11 as well as upgraders wanting to try out all the new features, but that doesn't account for the overall size of the drop.
Notably, Genscape analysts expect maintenance at the Suncor, Shell, Syncrude and CNRL upgraders in the spring and early summer.
The Sincor upgrader JV became Petrocedeno Mixed Co.
The stripper is responsible for returning the gasoline used in the transportation of heavy crude from the oil field to the Upgrader, to be reused later.
Alexis said First Nations will continue to push for an upgrader, especially with the province embracing an economic partnership with Saskatchewan and British Columbia.
ENERGY RESOURCE-15 May 2008-Suncor Energy Shuts Down Upgrader as Part of Planned Maintenance(C)2008 JeraOne - http://www.
Petrozuata and the other SAs have been exempted from the OPEC production cuts because they have upgraders that turn the extra-heavy oil and bitumen into synthetic crude.
It is the first project for the huge investment program that includes several upgraders to be built in Faja del Orinoco.
It will be linked with the subsidiary's existing Heartland Hydrogen Pipeline system which provides refiners, upgraders, chemical processors and other industries in the Alberta Industrial Heartland region.
Mike Deising, a spokesman for Alberta Energy Minister Ken Hughes, says he could not comment on various companies eschewing upgraders, saying they all employ different forecasts.