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The growing dissatisfaction of citizens, combined with tepid economic progress or downturns in many countries, have given rise to political upheavals. This came in the form of left-leaning socialists like Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro or ultra-right authoritarian leaders such as Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.
COUNCILS across Wales face massive upheaval in coming years as fresh spending cuts bite and reorganisation looms.
2 July 2013 - Judged on crucial factors like trust in elected officials and a sense of financial comfort Mexico and India could be poised for the kind of civil upheaval that has visited Egypt, Brazil, and Spain in recent months and years according to a new report from German research firm GfK.
Production proved resilient even in those countries which were the initial focus of the upheaval: Tunisian oil production fell by 2.5 per cent, while Egyptian oil output actually increased by 0.3 per cent in 2011.
BEIRUT: Speaker Nabih Berri said Friday the wave of popular upheavals in the Arab world was affecting Lebanon, but defended as "wise" the government's policy to dissociate itself from the 10-month unrest in Syria.
Current social upheaval in Egypt may send the country's currency on a downward trend resulting in a sharp depreciation in the coming few months.
"The 120th GCC ministerial meeting gains a huge significance in view of the upheavals and developments seen in the regional and international arena and also in view of the important matters tabled for discussion pertaining to GCC cooperation in various fields," said GCC Secretary-General Abdullatif Al-Zayani.
CAIRO: Egyptian ceramics company Lecico's net profit tumbled 54 percent in a turbulent first quarter marked by political upheaval and an economic slump.
There is no point pretending that Saudi Arabia is unaffected by the upheavals elsewhere in the Arab world.
The upheavals in Tunisia and Libya risk prompting an influx of illegal
The politician explained that there was a succession of violent upheavals in the region, among which Saddam Hussein's execution and the manner it was done.
The enormous upheavals of 1789, 1848, and 1917 are only a few of the flashpoints of history, when millions of people suddenly channelled their frustrations and aspirations into mass revolt.