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The Phnom Penh Municipal Court upheld the lower courts' decision to convict Ly of illegally dealing in addictive substances, according to the Law on the Control of Drugs.
Around three in 10 (29%) complaints about car insurance providers were upheld. In this area, Great Lakes had the highest proportion (42%) of complaints upheld.
The Supreme Court also upheld the conviction of Baladjay in a July 2017 ruling.
A citizen of a Gulf country had his 10-year prison term and Dh 100,000 fine upheld.
The court upheld the fine as a lesson to the offender and the public to respect the court's decision, he said, adding that the court also took into account her future and that she was not working.
It further contained that the Respondent (Abdullahi Tanko) had earlier lost his case in the trial court and thereafter rushed to the Appeal Court sitting in Jos to upturn the verdict of the court that upheld the election of MA Abubakar as duly elected.
"We found that there were failings by nursing staff in the monitoring of Miss A's blood pressure and upheld this aspect of Mr C's complaint.
From the total of 20 advertisements picked by ASCI's suo moto surveillance, complaints against 18 advertisements were upheld. Of the 61 advertisements complained against by the general public or by industry members, 13 advertisements were upheld by the CCC.
In Migori, Justice Hillary Chemitai upheld the election of Governor Obado and billed his challenger, Mr Ochillo Ayacko Sh6 million in petition costs.The judge said grounds cited by Mr Ayacko, an independent candidate in the elections, were not enough to invalidate the election of Mr Obado, noting that the poll was largely free and fair.
The Nida-i-Millat challenged the decision before the IHC, but the court upheld the ITNE ruling on Nov 9, 2016.
A total 22,000 candidates appeared in the test out of which 144 petitioners had sought to have the test upheld. In contrast, only 9 prayed to the court order the authorities concerned for conducting a fresh test.
South Wales Police didn't uphold any of its 20 investigation appeals whereas the IPCC upheld 64% of appeals made about South Wales complaint investigations (48 out of 75).