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The same court upheld the election of Peter Masara as Suna West MP.
The management then challenged the decision before the apex court, which upheld the IHC decision on Thursday.
But, in her judgement, Justice Chidi Nwaoma Uwa of the Appeal Court dismissed that the appeal of STOAN has been dismissed even as she upheld the counterclaim of the second respondent, Shippers Association Lagos State (SALS).
North Wales upheld 27% of its investigation appeals (8 out of 30) and the IPCC upheld 24% of appeals (4 out of 17).
He prayed the court to dismiss the intracourt appeal and upheld the sentence.
Response: The concern that almost every request made was ignored or dismissed is not upheld.
The IPCC received 194 appeals about the way Northumbria Police had handled its complaints, in the last year and completed 146, 53% of which were upheld Of the 60 appeals made to the IPCC about Durham Police 56 were completed and 39% were upheld.
The watchdog completed 146 appeals, 53% of which were upheld.
2- Hassan Ali Hassan Moshaime -- life sentence upheld for the charges of: violation of the Constitution, participation in a conspiracy to overthrow the government, and espionage.
Based in Meopham, Kent, Clayton, 46, has the highest proportion of complaints upheld (93%) of any credit firm.
The report is based on the number of consumer complaints the Department upheld against insurers in relation to the volume of the insurers' businesses.
In similar proceedings in Tennessee, a court judgment in late March upheld its alcohol regulations, dismissing challenges to its liquor laws and held that the state's law, which permits wineries within the state to sell wine on their premises, is constitutional and does not allow for door-step delivery from out-of-state wineries.