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A devout lady, to whom some friend had presented one of my books, used to say when asked how she was getting on with it, 'Sal, it's dreary, weary, uphill work, but I've wrastled through with tougher jobs in my time, and, please God, I'll wrastle through with this one.
Samuel Uphill, from Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, was found in woods near his family's home a short time after an argument with his mother.
Tenders are invited for Liecense rights for storage of pilgrims luggage at uphill clock room
At a low gradient (slope), the work done by an individual for the downhill walk is less as compared to an uphill walk, due to the effect of gravity.
The aim of this study was to determine if the energy cost of uphill running (uphill Cr) can be calculated from level Cr (Energy cost of running in mL[O.
A spokesman for Red Bull Neptune Steps said: "We believe this is the toughest open-water swimming race in the UK and definitely the world's only uphill swimming race.
SIMONSIG remains a possible contender for Cheltenham, Aintree or Punchestown honours despite fighting "an uphill battle" to get back to the track.
8 December 2015 - Chinese investment consortium Uphill Investment Co has closed its acquisition of US-based chipmaker Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc.
The second area is a further 600m walk - from here spectators can watch the cars negotiate a series of sweeping and tightening bends before a fast uphill section to crest the climb.
It is a long uphill walk to the bus station, especially if you have some shopping to carry.
Key speakers include Carolyn Uphill, chair of the National Landlords Association.