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Before buying the Upholders, however, the government would have done well to consider these facts: NATO and our other close allies account for 63 per cent of the world's military spending, or more than one and a half times the amount spent by all other countries - most of which we have very friendly relations with - put together.
In your book, you identify four personality profiles or "Tendencies": Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, and Rebel.
Presumably Mr Corbyn being a man of honour and upholder of democracy will also allow those of us whose 'conscience' leads us to oppose other areas of Treasury spending the same right of veto.
At Amble anglers on Upholder have found some nice cod.
The Upholder class, which followed the Oberons, entered into British service in 1990, at a cost in excess of US$215 million each.
Mr Makin is renowned in Liverpool and across Merseyside as a courageous upholder of civil/statutory/human rights for the socially deprived and vulnerable battling against wrongful public offices and big stick councils like Liverpool's.
In a defamation suit filed against a television channel in the court of district judge, Islamabad, through his counsel, Admiral Khan said that the Pakistan Navy had recommended to the then government in 1994-95 to go for five or six UK-manufactured Upholder submarines, but the then regime, using its discretion, had decided to purchase three Agosta 90 B class of submarines.
But at the same time, the suggestion that I'm some sort of upholder of the sex trade in Bangkok.
So what does our great upholder of law and order in this country, the Minister of Justice Michael McDowell do?
The Victoria-class submarine was formerly named HMS Upholder.
Advocaat's recent controversial substitutions, coupled with the fact that the 56-year-old has not been an upholder of Total Football, has placed him in the line of fire of the Dutch press and Oranje supporters.
reject DND's request to purchase the Upholder submarines; and