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And while for the next 10 years Makarios and his associates were proclaiming to the world that that the treaties of 1960 were no longer valid, because they had abolished them with the tragicomic Akritas plan, today we have his political heirs and upholders of his legacy demanding, 50 years later, a return to the state he had dissolved.
The document added that the British were interested in selling their Upholders and "the government intends to explore this option.
It will be a showdown - most probably not a final one - between the promoters of Islamic democracy and the upholders of Kemalism, the secular ideology of a movement founded in the 1920s by Gen Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (the father of the post-Ottoman Turks).
Upholders of tradition have little truck with the man's methods, even though it would take a big truck to carry off all the money the course has made from his vision.
Red Sox fans, who pride themselves on their knowledge of baseball and see themselves as upholders of its purity, are appalled that a man whose reputation has been tarnished with allegations of serial steroid use, is about to break baseball's home run record.
Billy and Sam weren't the strongest upholders of the Mitchell reputation, but that will all change with the return of brothers Grant and Phil.
Those living near the Airport see WDC as upholders of the law: those flying want WDC to turn a blind eye and allow as many cheap flights as possible.
If the whole thing had panned out according to the Grand Vision dreamed up in so many transatlantic hot line phone calls, Messrs Blair and Bush might have got away with it,might have been lauded as upholders of liberty and the right of peoples everywhere to live their lives free of the shackles of tyranny.
In fact, the murky "thesis" of the German scholar is based on two ideas which, according to me, are highly questionable: the opposition between what he calls "the orthodoxy", that is, the upholders of the sciences which collectively accept the Revelation as the foundational source, and the sciences common to all people, who thus do not hold among their sources the Revelation.
It is a really sad point in our history as upholders of the so-called democratic process to be going into a process that will kill innocent people and which has no basis in international law.
During the Matthew Shepard media onslaught all Christians and upholders of traditional morality were accused of culpability for creating the "climate of hate and intolerance" that produced his murder.
But he has to, because they are, as he rightly understands, among the most effective upholders of the current Vatican regime he is so eager to see chased from office.