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Earlier decisions upholding the rights of students over those of administrators appear less compelling and clearly distinguishable.
Dickson demonstrated his commitment to upholding the proper role of the judiciary in 1974, when Dr.
Has used his office to inflame public opinion against court rulings upholding church-state separation.
Under Neuhaus' editorship, McConnell has had free rein to criticize church-state separation and the court decisions upholding it.
In taking this principled stance in defence of the school principal, the trustees are simply upholding the historic teaching of the Christian church on the sinfulness of sodomy.
In January of 1997 Livaudais nullified Heebe's ruling and issued a new decision upholding all of the federal and state programs giving aid to religious schools.
Under the pretence of upholding the Charter, he Supreme Court of Canada has undermined the historic rights and freedoms of Canadians, usurped the legislative authority of elected representatives of the people, and subverted the rule of law.