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Taking notice of the reports on social media about use of substandard material in uplift schemes, he said that the matter would be raised with PTA to ban unregistered sites which were spreading false stories.
This was the second uplift package unveiled for the province within a year as Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi had earlier announced a 10-year development scheme.
I have sent Councillor Coyle a picture of my bin calendar proving residents are complying with uplift dates.
Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited is fully committed to social medical uplift and welfare of under privileged areas.
Two groups from Team Project Uplift will travel to Jost Van Dyke and Anegada today, Friday, December 1, to continue their outreach sessions structured to assist public officers in the recovery process following Hurricanes Irma and Maria.
With the UpLift Pay Monthly option, travelers are able to lock in affordable pricing through UpLift without paying the total cost up front or incurring higher-interest debt.
1) The reduction in the affiliate support uplift from CBQK to UAB, reflecting CBQK's weakened capacity to provide support in times of stress, if needed, as indicated by the downgrade of the shareholder BCA to baa3; and
About 60 juniors from Uplift Hampton Preparatory were touring the campus, according to state Sen.
Researchers believe the extra uplift could be behind an increase in volcanic activity on the Nordic island.
Synopsis: Compiled by the editorial staff of the Reader's Digest, "Treasury of Joy and Inspiration: 90 years of Uplifting Storytelling" is filled from cover to cover with essays and true tales that illuminate and uplift the spirt of the reader and which are written by some of America's most famous authors and leaders, these great reads illuminate and uplift.
14 November 2014 - US payment marketing specialist UpLift Inc said it had collected USD8.
Banque Pictet's long-term ratings benefit from Moody's assessment of a very high level of support from the larger Pictet Group (unrated), resulting in a one-notch uplift to an adjusted BCA of a1.