upper circles

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My friend Jobling is naturally aristocratic by taste, and besides being acquainted with the movements of the upper circles, fully backs me in the intentions I am now developing.
For Wakem was not a mere man of business; he was considered a pleasant fellow in the upper circles of St.
He knew that when the girls went to the play it was either in the pit, or, if some man took them, seldom to more expensive seats than the upper circle.
The video has caused uproar in upper circles in Sinai tribes, according to local sources, but they haven't yet channeled this anger publicly.
Guided by her delinquent brother, Johnny, Vittoria enters the upper circles of Roman society.
In a TV studio there are no dead areas, but live on stage much of the audience in the upper circles saw little or nothing of his mingling and banter down in the stalls.
The rallies in Sincan and ystanbul are aimed, apart from tearing apart the social fabric of ystanbul, the epicenter of the social resistance, at two political targets: Sensing that his behavioral pattern is perceived by some upper circles of the AKP as erratic, he pushes the gas pedal to the floor to reinforce his position as the one and only leader of his party, and, shifting again towards a broader conservative-nationalist base -- with the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) as a visible force in the Sincan rally -- to fulfill his dreams of a presidential system that will place him on the top as a single ruler.
But the narrator refers to Lopez as a "man without a father, a foreigner, a black Portuguese nameless Jew," which may or may not express Trollope's own viewespecially since the narration begins with the claim: "It is certainly of service to a man to know who were his grandfathers and grandmothers if he entertain an ambition to move in the upper circles of society.
This is sheer tyranny to which we are being subjected to due to having no voice in the upper circles of those who matter in the regime, said citizens from Dhok Banaris, Chamman Abad, Dhok Chaudhrian, Dhok Syedan and other areas.
We also had a hoist in the auditorium so we could get to everything in the upper circles that had to come down and get up to ceiling level to restore the ceiling, and all the demolition was going on around us.
Although, having said all this, fashion is a fickle thing and in the upper circles of trendiness it's probably deeply pass to eat cupcakes now and we're off to find the new cutting-edge pastry to nibble with our flat white or half-caf latt.
In an updated Inferno, we could find celebrities, tycoons or candidates (or their spouses) among the sufferers in the upper circles of hell.

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