upper class

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Commonwealth is a great fit for the airline as it allows us to provide our northern New England based Upper Class customers a complete travel experience that is in-line with our values.
The Gatwick 747- 400's will be configured with 14 Upper Class seats, 58 Premium Economy and 379 in Economy.
The roll out of the new, award winning Upper Class Suite is almost complete, and is scheduled to be on all flights by early 2006.
The report found four kinds of dog are at home either in the middle class or upper class category.
Prices start at GBP279 for Economy fares, GBP589 for Premium Economy fares and GBP1099 for Upper Class fares.
25 /PRNewswire/ -- Virgin Atlantic is delighted to be introducing brand new amenity kits for its Upper Class passengers, specially designed by bespoke couturier and Savile Row tailor Ozwald Boateng.
A member of the upper class, he runs a dog sanctuary and is accused of abusing his animals and of performing perverse acts--and the newspapers have published photos.
Selena flaunted all of that, perhaps to offend the stuffier elements of the Mexican upper class but certainly to delight her fellow Mexican-Americans.
As such, she locates the first stirrings of feminism in the cultures of these classes and particularly of the upper class.
He bemoans the life of the upper class but can't tear himself away from the dinner parties Lewis Lapham's Lament
The winner will enjoy a highflying, Virgin Atlantic Upper Class experience to London.
Because all the volunteers were college undergraduates, their class identification - lower class, lower middle class, middle class, upper middle class or upper class - was based on parental income and education.

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