upper classes

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I said I knew nothing against the upper classes by personal observation.
Law and order were passing away, and passing away, I must confess, among the slum people and the upper classes.
And all the destruction and violence had been done by the slum-dwellers and the upper classes.
Ernest went on to his rise in society, till at last he came in touch with members of the upper classes, and rubbed shoulders with the men who sat in the high places.
The social experience of the upper classes is, in England, an experience of universal welcome.
That understanding was further adopted by the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011, when demonstrators called themselves the "99 percent," separating themselves from the supposed 1 percent in the upper classes.
Posh People: Inside Tatler (BBC2, Monday) takes us inside the upper classes through the eyes of Britain's poshest magazine.
Hugo Chavez was indeed a revolutionary, from his initial attempt at a coup d'etat in 1992 through his interminable hours-long speeches, his friendship with and support of leftist regimes, his obvious loathing of the upper classes, and his own glorification of his Bolivarian revolution.
Even so, the acting is pretty special with Leo Bill showing lashings of misguided spirit while attacking the upper classes for meekly bowing to democracy.
By comparison, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, found that individuals in the upper middle and upper classes were less able to detect and respond to the distress signals of others.
Do we really want to return to a past where the lower classes lived in houses that were cold, damp and overcrowded while the upper classes lived in multi-roomed mansions with heating in every room?

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