upper extremity

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The upper extremity motor score (UEMS), is a linear scale used to quantify motor function at each of five upper extremity muscle groups driving arm and hand function; these scores are also used to determine "motor levels", which define the level within the cord above which a subject has normal function.
A bedside compression venous ultrasound of the right upper extremity that included the brachial veins, the axillary vein, the subclavian vein, and the internal jugular vein was performed revealing a distended, incompressible right subclavian vein which contained a visible intraluminal thrombus.
It has been shown that proprioceptive knowledge is of extreme importance for the neural control of motion and that the upper extremity proprioceptive sense is commonly decreased or evanished following stroke (5).
The aims of this systematic review was to evaluate and point out the importance of prosthetic rehabilitation of upper extremity and to anticipate to the professionals in this field.
The objective of this investigation was to review graduating orthopaedic resident case log data to report temporal trends in performing upper extremity fracture procedures.
Fundamentals of Hand Therapy: Clinical Reasoning and Treatment Guidelines for Common Diagnoses of the Upper Extremity.
Through this case study we aim to determine whether mirror therapy can be used as an useful tool in the post stroke functional rehabilitation process of the upper extremity of a 56 years old subject.
Risk factors for UEDVT include central venous catheterization, strenuous upper extremity exercise or anatomic abnormalities causing venous compression, inherited thrombophilia, and acquired hypercoagulable states including pregnancy, oral contraceptive use, and cancer.
Upper extremity injury evaluation; CD and activity manual.
The Taco Plate is a taco holder designed for use by individuals with use of only one hand or with upper extremity disabilities.

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