upper limit

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Director General of Department of Development Finance said that with the increase of the upper limit, Treasury has to spend Rs.
Lee JK from Korea, in 2009, worked out healthy upper limits for serum ALT in Asian populations with normal liver histology14.
Niraj Masand, partner at Banke International, reckons that by pegging the upper limit at 75 per cent, the mortgage cap is end-user friendly.
As for the upper limits to size, the results were sometimes yes, sometimes no.
Calculate the upper limit of geometric mean at a significance level by = anti log([bar.
Under the directive, municipal governments are requested to buy equipment that can detect radiation levels in food and drink below 40 becquerels and to stop serving items with radioactive substances that exceed the upper limit, the officials said.
While scrapping the 1,000 yen upper limit for national holidays, implemented in March 2009, the government will maintain the 50 percent discount on expressway tolls on national holidays and weekday reductions for the time being.
In Goa, the upper limit for expenditure in parliamentary constituency is Rs 22 lakh and Rs 8 lakh for assembly constituency.
1 million barrels last week, and are above the upper limit of the average range.
Both rates for the tax incentive, the only one contained in the Statute for Industrial Innovation, reach the upper limits of the existing range.
He said the upper limit for 50% general relief will increase from a rateable value of pounds 2,000 to pounds 2,400, the upper limit for 25% general relief will rise from a rateable value of pounds 6,500 to pounds 7,800 AM and the upper limit for 25% retail relief goes from a rateable value of pounds 9,000 to pounds 11,000.
In contrast to Arabian Ranches and the Greens, upper limit rents for studios and one-bedrooms increased in areas like IMPZ and the Views, while upper-limit rents for 5- and 6- bedroom villas in Al Barsha have fallen sharply by Dh60,000 and Dh90,000.