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Some people, though, have actually gone through with it, but sadly, far from the grass being greener, their upping sticks has caused them no end of problems.
Despite recent economic challenges, West Midlands businesses appear to be positive about the UK's potential to deliver stability and growth opportunities to their business, so much so that they clearly have no intention of upping sticks and moving overseas.
Alan Wake is a famous novelist with a serious case of writer's block which he seeks to cure by upping sticks from New York and settling down in the village of Bright Falls.
She's lived there all her life and cats hate upping sticks," the Daily Express quoted her as saying.
But in his quest to find all of the natural beauty the world has to offer, Attenborough-in-waiting Simon King is upping sticks and moving to the remote location.
Suppliers tired of health scares and recalls may want to consider upping sticks to Slovenia, where these things ore taken much more lightly.
Okay, so the catecholamine secreted by the adrenal medulla in response to stress to stimulate an autonomic nerve action can come in rather handy when you have suffered a heart attack because of a) horrific spread betting losses, b) your partner upping sticks and leaving you or c) a combination of both.