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It's back and, nope it's not suddenly moved to, let's pick a place, um, Wales over the summer holiday (what with the school randomly upping sticks to Scotland last time y'see).
The ginger entrepreneur is upping sticks from West London to Latin America in order to set up a mine to possibly extract gold and diamonds.
Previously sly y an east end Hoxton-dweller, Haz, 18, is upping sticks to move to a plusher part of the capital.
A TALENTED young Birmingham footballer could be upping sticks to the States after netting a soccer scholarship.
We've really enjoyed living here and if it wasn't for the fact that we are upping sticks and moving to another country, we wouldn't think of moving to another house.
For the first time since its foundation in 1608 the famous whiskey maker is upping sticks from its home on Northern Ireland's north coast and going on tour.
Alan Wake is a famous novelist with a serious case of writer's block, which he seeks to cure by upping sticks from New York and settling down in the village of Bright Falls.
What is the cost in pound notes, not to say the environmental cost, of upping sticks every year and moving all and sundry to the other end of the country?
ASPIRING millionaires should consider upping sticks and moving south, the latest National Lottery stats have revealed.
Upping sticks and settling in sunnier climes is not just a pipe dream for plumbers and gas fitters.