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"Sick of u uppity black n hiding behind your political correctness ...
Uppity is a valuable contribution to the histories of baseball, broadcasting, and civil rights.
I felt relieved when Section 8 and public school smashed that uppity
The only reason people are getting all uppity about it is because it has become public knowledge and they have been forced to consider the end results of their actions.
Like the Till incident, Clement with "uppity Northern ways." is visiting the kinfolk of his mother, the Johnsons, so the sharecropping family is not surprised when Sheriff Billy Ray Cuthbert leads a murderous posse to capture the boy and bring him to "justice." Clement's grandfather, Jeremiah Johnson, makes a valiant stand, but he is outnumbered and overwhelmed by the killers.
In the original 2000 book, Vicki Leon (the Uppity Women series) introduces the long history of women writers and bibliomaniacs before Knight (Women of the Beat Generation) profiles specific ones.
A tour bus is too uppity for me and I didn't like having to tell the bus driver when I had to go to the bathroom because he'd always make a big deal of it.
At worst, this line of deferential petitioning for our humanity reinforces the racial hierarchy from which the system is built--we are deserving of citizenship because we are loyal and work hard, unlike those uppity U.S.-born Latinos and Blacks.
And about how all these uppity women like Simone de Beauvoir complain about everything but never had an idea that some man didn't think of first.
Christian clerics in New York and Los Angeles don't issue death warrants for uppity novelists or murder blasphemous movie producers.
The story describes the high living that Wal-Mart execs have brought to the area, including a Hummer dealership, pricey art galleries and uppity eateries.
Radical uppity women make people in power nervous, so they are disappeared from history whenever possible.