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Is it not evident that if the ether were affected to the degree which he maintains, and if it were obnoxious to human health, the result of it would already be apparent upon ourselves?" Here he laughed with uproarious triumph over his own argument.
But in spite of this earnest prohibition, Professor Summerlee laid down his pipe and for the rest of our journey he entertained--or failed to entertain--us by a succession of bird and animal cries which seemed so absurd that my tears were suddenly changed into boisterous laughter, which must have become quite hysterical as I sat opposite this grave Professor and saw him--or rather heard him--in the character of the uproarious rooster or the puppy whose tail had been trodden upon.
The restoration of the gems (accidentally picked up by Father Brown, of all people) ended the evening in uproarious triumph; and Sir Leopold, in his height of good humour, even told the priest that though he himself had broader views, he could respect those whose creed required them to be cloistered and ignorant of this world.
Before reaching Knightsbridge, Mr Verloc took a turn to the left out of the busy main thoroughfare, uproarious with the traffic of swaying omnibuses and trotting vans, in the almost silent, swift flow of hansoms.
Pickwick and the old lady played together; uproarious was the mirth of the round table.
The consequences were uproarious beyond belief; but no one seemed to care; on the contrary, the mother and daughter laughed heartily, and enjoyed it very much; and the latter, soon beginning to mingle in the sports, got pillaged by the young brigands most ruthlessly.
But he was mercifully too accustomed to nocturnal orgies, and those of a far more uproarious character, to appear unless summoned to the scene.
The knights, at first taken back by this unexpected outbreak, finally burst into uproarious laughter.
Williams is part of a troupe called the Deplorables, which bills itself as "an uproarious comedy show for conservative thinkers" known for "unabashedly mocking liberals."
To be loved, to be respected, to be gymnastic in the bedroom and to make uproarious and touching comedies of modern manners.
The baby girl came at about 12:00 noon on Tuesday when it was announced to the uproarious, joyous shouts of party faithful and the mammoth crowd that a woman has been delivered of a baby girl.
UPROARIOUS satire about workplace culture, black exploitation and rampant capitalism.