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THE LEGO MOVIE Sky Movies Family 1PM Along with Wreck It Ralph, this is one of the most uproariously funny kids' CGI movies of recent years.
Critique: A deftly written, uproariously funny, exceptionally entertaining novel, "The Perils of Pauline" clearly document author Collette Yvonne as a gifted author of the first order.
over the antics and escapades of our elected and appointed leaders, then has you laughing uproariously over tales of "exploding" bullets and collapsing staircases, only to abruptly bring a lump to your throat and a stinging to your eyes with the story of Little Lizzie.
An increasingly convoluted journey that becomes more and more fantastic the further it progresses involving everything from Walt Disney and Joe Bonnano to atomic bombs and the Roswell UFO The Grand Junction is uproariously conniving to the very end.
That caused the audience watching the game at the embassy to suddenly stand up and uproariously clap their hands and high-five each other despite meeting for the first time.
FOUL-MOUTHED puppets singing about sexuality, racism and the internet might not be everyone's cup of tea, but the audience at the Aberdeen Arts Centre reacted uproariously to Harlequin Productions'take on modern musical classic Avenue Q.
Uproariously funny and fiercely irreverent, it is also surprisingly clued-up when it comes to the issues of the day.
Uproariously funny, this brims with black comedy, but has an incredibly moving story of redemption.
com)-- Heidi-Marie Ferren brings her uproariously funny one-woman show, 'Confessions of the Happy Bride' to Los Angeles as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.
The dark edge is smoothed by uproariously funny squeaky boots, a pantomime horse and lots of laugh-out-loud humour.
Saunders delivered an unforgettably pithy and, at times, uproariously funny discourse on how to deal with prickly personalities and "well-poisoners", interspersed with insights into dealing with teenagers (his own).