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Victoria said: "My dad's children have nannies and one of them laughed uproariously when she heard I'd landed this part.
WHISPERS reach me that Carlos Tevez has been advised to study William Shakespeare to ease his struggles with English, which will have every schoolboy in Britain laughing uproariously, I prithee.
Crass, contrived and achingly familiar - but this tale of two black FBI agents (Shawn and Marlon Wayans) dressing as a pair of society airheads is uproariously funny.
However, she has also written several highly entertaining novels, displaying an ability to combine uproariously funny comedy situations with an expert sense of drama.
I started visualising us looking stunning in the bar, drinking fat-free smoothies, laughing uproariously at some joke from one of the hunky bodybuilders, who by now we know by name and inside leg measurement, while other, less- toned club members look on in envy.
The Spice Girls were more relaxed with the Duke, laughing uproariously at one of his jokes, but could not remember it afterwards.
Former boss Owen Coyle claims he cried when he left Burnley - and that often happens when you've been laughing uproariously.
Payne also has a weakness for cheap gags involving naked fat people, though he has managed to make them uproariously unpredictable.
The ugly sisters, Simon Bashford and Mark Two, are an uproariously horrid double act, eliciting wails of disapproval.
Ask them out and they would either run a mile or laugh uproariously.
The best of them uproariously acknowledges every sports movie cliche in the book.
And she was still laughing uproariously at his jokes as they left the party together.