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It requested in the case that CDA should be directed to completely uproot the paper mulberry trees from all parts of Federal Capital so that allergy ratio could be decreased in future.
The Uproot Weeder could also be called the Upright Weeder, since there's no bending or stooping involved.
If this is what we are up against, it won't do much good to try to uproot whatever war-like inclinations may dwell within our minds.
He has decided that, even though we take direct action and uproot crops, he cannot say on a summary basis that we cannot provide a defence of justification for our actions.
When we challenge the causes of injustice that uproot people, the church must be prepared to pay the price of confronting established powers and privilege.
Mr Islam said that the administration should cooperate with police department to eliminate crimes and uproot drug abuse in the district.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in a meeting with Ghanaian Foreign Minister Hannah Tetteh called for increased cooperation between the Middle-Eastern and African nations to uproot terrorism and violence.
Around 7pm, a crew in Penarth cordoned off an area of Baroness Place after a large tree began to uproot and sway towards properties.
London, Dec 31 (ANI): Ace midfielder doesn't want to uproot his family and is all set to make U-turn on his proposed move to Paris Saint-Germain to stay with LA Galaxy.
We the local authority in the governorate of Dhamar are ready to encourage farmers who are themselves convinced to uproot qat from their lands and replace it with food crops," said Yahya Al-Amri, the governor of Dhamar.