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I am not struggling to assert a univocal interpretation of the condition of uprootedness of migrant individuals or, as I have already argued, to solve the terminological conflict between the different definitions of immigrant, nomad, or exile.
This cycle is characterized by the break away from values of ethnicity, propagated and advocated by whites, that made the women experience a sense of uprootedness and non-belonging (44).
Considering that the uprootedness embedded in any process of migration, forced or otherwise, is more often than not lived and experienced as a form of personal crisis, the role of community music in activating psychic and social processes emerges as a crucial, timely, accessible, inexpensive and creative therapeutic modality that is rarely acknowledged as such.
Dante remedies his uprootedness, via the springs of memory and allusion, by showing his true roots are not in the literal earth, but in language and faith as expressed in and for language.
For Gentile members of the Messianic movement, early feelings of confusion and uprootedness from their previous community of reference (i.
Nduna was attending a recent All Africa Conference of Churches meeting on Challenges of Uprootedness, Wars and Conflicts in Africa.
Mitwisser as well, when she applies to her own, uneasy sense of uprootedness the scientific insight that came to her during her adulterous love affair with another scientist.
The differentiation in "the dual and indeterminate character" of the servant Jean originates in a similar way from his uprootedness and displacement "in the process of evolution from crofter's son to a gentleman.
If Baraka envisions black art as the highest possibility for a culture of continual transformation, then it must affirm the suspension of the two traditions between which it is situated and, by suspending them, open the possibility for them not to be themselves, to disclose a possibility for difference that can only arrive when "homelessness"--an uprootedness without ground and without limits--is affirmed as a fundamental experience.
Moreover, the present process of capitalist globalization, entailing as it does massive uprootedness and social degradation, is increasingly incompatible with our existing institutions of democratic control.
The feelings of relief of escaping from intolerable situations are soon replaced by the confusion of adjusting to a new environment and the effects of uprootedness.
What predominates in his Cahier, despite its affirmation of negritude, is an uprootedness and a search for nationhood in Africa, not his native Martinique.